The Winning Email API gives you, as a developer, the ability to integrate Winning Email's services with your web or mobile applications.

Request Access

You first need to contact us to request API access.


Next, head over to the Settings >> API Settings page and click the Generate Access Key button. You'll need this Access Key to interact with the API.


The API attempts to returns meaningful HTTP status codes for each request. Possible codes are:

  • 200 OK: Success!
  • 400 Bad Request: Some request parameters are invalid or the API rate limit is exceeded.
  • 401 Not Authorized: Authentication credentials are missing or invalid.
  • 403 Forbidden: The request has been refused because of the lack of proper permission.
  • 404 Not Found: Either you're requesting an invalid URI or the resource in question doesn't exist.
  • 500 Internal Server Error: Something is broken.
  • 502 Bad Gateway: Winning Email is down or being upgraded.
  • 503 Service Unavailable: The Winning Email servers are too busy to server your request. Please try again later.

The response body contains data in the JSON format - a light weight serialization format for structured data.

Keep in mind

  • Please wait at least one second between queries, or you are likely to get automatically throttled. If you are releasing a library to access the API, you MUST do this.
  • Please watch for 400 errors and back-off appropriately. It likely means that you have been throttled.
  • Please set your User-Agent to something identifiable. The default identifiers like “Java/1.4.3” or “lwp-perl” etc tend to get banned from time to time.

Making API Calls

Using the Access Key you generated above, you can now make API calls. Here's the list and details of all API Methods: https://winning.email/api/v1/methods