Most savvy marketers know that it doesn't truly matter how many customers open your emails, what's ultimately important is how many sales (conversions) you get. And in order to get a sale, you must first get the subscriber to click your email's links.

Let's take a look at 6 of the best methods for improving your email click-through rates ...

Improve Email Click-Through Rates

1. Don't Trick The Reader

A lot of, I hate to say it, but "scammy" marketers have a bad habit of writing open-bait email subjects. Here's some examples:

  • I'm watching you
  • Want free $$ money $$?
  • Hey
  • I miss you

As you can see, these are captivating subjects. You'd probably be curious what the email is all about and open it up. However, if your email body has nothing to do with the subject, you're just going to piss people off and end up getting Spam-reported, and likely negatively impact your deliverability. Of course this also means you won't get any clicks.

Spam Button

So, try using a creative subject, but make sure it's relevant to the content of the email. Don't be "that guy" (or girl).

2. Mix Informative with Fun

If someone enjoys what they're reading, they're more likely to actually read it, word-for-word, and not just skim through for relevant information. So you need to make sure your emails stand out.

Begin the newsletter with a fun introduction. Mention the weather (not typical boring stuff, but maybe talk about the recent snow storm that caused 25 cars to slide down a hill into one another), a recent interesting local event, or make a reference to something "viral" about your product.

For example:

Four Leaves Winery had a blast participating in Durango's Wine Experience with you all last weekend. We had a great time chatting with everyone, and enjoyed seeing you all out and about on the Wine Walk.

Wine Walk

Make your company relevant to whats happening around town. This is, of course if you're a local business, if you're solely online, adjust this tactic to reflect your broader audience.

3. Use Links

Provide links throughout your email to complement the information you're providing. If your company is selling a product, then provide a link to online reviews (only if they're positive, of course!). If your company is hosting a third-party event provide a link to that event's website. Partnering with another company ... add a link to that company's website. If you're refencing something factual that you don't want to explain in full detail to the reader, link to its Wikipedia article.

Authority Links

This does two things:

  1. It makes your newsletter a worthy launch pad for important information. If someone finds a few relevant links in your email it's more likely they will open it again.
  2. It also creates relationships with other online communities. When you provide links to other companies and organizations, it's more likely they will do the same for you. This type of networking is a fantastic way to reach new customers. You should, of course, let these other companies know that you've mentioned them (or how else would they find out?). But do it in a classy, unselfish way, like:
    Just wanted to give you a heads up that we mentioned you in our latest newsletter. Keep on doing great work!

4. Add Pictures

People are visual creatures. The right images with the right words will help to appeal to the reader more than just words alone. Using our previous example, if your winery is rolling out a coconut-flavored wine just in time for summer, mention it in the June newsletter and add an image of palm trees at sunset. Appeal to as many senses as possible of the reader. Stimulate their imagination. Inspire them to fantasize about laying in a hammock. Have them already drinking that wine.

Wine Palm Trees Sunset

Check out,, or and download or purchase millions of free or paid stock photos. Or how about posting images of your staff? Just like on Facebook, people take an interest in acquaintances and want to look at pictures of them. Provoke them to click by giving them the images they want.

5. Make it Personal

Allow the reader to feel like they know you. But you don't have to get too personal. You can be vague, or use things about you and your staff that are already well known.


For example:

"We'll be closed this Sunday because we're driving to Jan's parents in the city for Mother's Day. Although we'll miss you, we're looking forward to the drive and enjoying the lovely spring scenery! We'll be back open Monday for our usual hours. Happy Mother's day to the rest of you, have a great weekend!"

Little touches like this make the reader feel like they know you, and everyone likes to know the owners of businesses.

6. Offer Coupons

If there's a discount to be found in the email it'll get clicked on! For example:

"Wine Wednesdays!! Bring in this coupon and a friend who has never been here before, and their first glass of wine is on us!"


Change it up month-to-month and make it fun. This alone will have them clicking through the newsletter ... at least by Wednesday afternoon.

What are your best tactics for improving your email click-through rates? We'd love to hear them, leave a comment!


Memuna Umber from Winning.Email

Memuna is an MBA student who loves learning about marketing, specifically email marketing. She brings a lot of great experience to the Winning Email team and her passion for technology and communicating with people makes her a perfect fit.