Email Booster meets Mad Mimi

  Oct 30, 2015 Email Services

If you use Mad Mimi for your email marketing, you'll be pleased to hear that it's now available in our Email Booster tool.

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Gmail's new Promotions tab 'Grid View'

  Jun 2, 2014 Email Services

Gmail's "Promotions" tab

This tab in Gmail has been around for months now. It was reportedly added by Google in an effort to save people time, and reduce the amount of promotional, yet not-quite-spam, emails that we're all forced to see on a daily basis.

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Gmail's new Feedback Loop and Unsubscribe Link

  Apr 16, 2014 Email Services

New Unsubscribe Link

Last month Gmail introduced a new "Unsubscribe" link at the top of emails in your inbox. The purpose of this is to make it easier for people to unsubscribe from mailing lists they're on, without searching in the email footer for the link. The more easily people can unsubscribe, the less likely they are to click the "Spam" button, which hurts your sender score.

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Gmail Now Automatically Displays Images - Is This Good for Email Marketers?

  Feb 7, 2014 Email Services

Google recently announced that images in incoming Gmail emails will now be automatically displayed. So Gmail users will no longer have to click "Display images below" to view embedded images.

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