If you use Mad Mimi for your email marketing, you'll be pleased to hear that it's now available in our Email Booster tool.

Email Booster meets Mad Mimi

Here's how it works

First, head to your Email Booster Connections page:

Connect Mad Mimi

Then click the "Connect" button for Mad Mimi.

Connect Mad Mimi - API credentials

Next, you'll have to enter your Mad Mimi API credentials. In Mad Mimi, on your Account page you'll find your email address (in case you weren't sure which one you setup), and if you click "API" on the right-hand side you'll find your API key.

Mad Mimi promotions

You'll then see a page with all your Mad Mimi Promotions. Click whichever one you want to analyze using Email Booster. This will initiate a test email to be sent from your Mad Mimi account to Email Booster. This typically takes < 20 seconds.

Mad Mimi - Email Booster - waiting for email to arrive

And voila! You'll see the Email Booster report, jam-packed with actionable stuff to help improve your email open and click-through rates :)

Mad Mimi - Email Booster report

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Kane Miller from Winning.Email

Kane has a background in computer engineering, but now focuses on creating new and interesting web services. His passion for improving his own email deliverability rates was the driving force behind the creation of Winning.Email.