Email deliverability is a hot topic. Most companies come up with strategies to squeeze the most bang for their buck out of their email marketing campaigns. Some of these companies even go as far as ramping up their daily email quotas per person, boosting the amount of emails sent and received...especially during the holidays. Alternative methods range from heavy sending to isolated mails to maximize advertising efforts that best ensures these companies’ e-mails end up in their customers' inboxes. And then when the emails arrive, that they are engaging enough to read or otherwise could potentially end up in the blacklist/spam/trashcan of their email accounts.

email deliverability newsHere are a few email deliverability news articles that will surely give you a quick overview of how companies go about marketing and selling their products these days. If you wanna read more about these topics, just click on the links and it will lead you right to the site.

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Experian Launches Email Deliverability Audit Service

The Experian Marketing Services has recently launched a deliverability audit service putting together a team of specialists with field expertise in compliance and deliverability to come up a wide range of tactics that compliments their products and/or services based on the final conclusion of their analysis on email marketing programs and practices.

The Senior Vice-President and General Manager at Experian Data Quality had a few words for this matter:

"For this channel to be effective, messages must reach the intended consumers. With an average of 32 percent of revenue attributed to email marketing efforts, deliverability best practices truly do impact the bottom line."

Maximize the Deliverability of Your Non-profit’s Mass Email

Any list that has been around awhile has accumulated bad email addresses. People change jobs, change ISPs, change names... and even the ISPs merge or go under or just rebrand. So email addresses that once were good, decay. Then there are the email addresses that were never good - typo'd on entry. Also roving spambots are filling in online forms left and right with garbage. Plus there are the garden variety duplicate records created by people clicking forms too many times etc. If you're a candidate for office who has run in the past and carried your list through periods of inactivity or a long-established non-profit with records dating back years ago, there will be a lot of clunkers on there. This is especially true if you have received lists from other non-profits or campaigns in the past.

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