Gmail has recently released their Postmaster Tools, which are meant to help marketers analyze their email's performance, and access delivery data and analytics. But is it actually useful?

Gmail's Postmaster Tools

Check it out here:

If you send a large volume of emails to Gmail users, you can use Postmaster Tools to see:

  • If users are marking your emails as spam
  • Whether you’re following Gmail's best practices
  • Why your emails might not be delivered
  • If your emails are being sent securely

Here's the full list of reports you'll have access to:

  • Spam Rate
  • IP Reputation
  • Domain Reputation
  • Feedback Loop
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Delivery Errors

The IP Reputation page looks something like this:

Gmail's Postmaster Tools - IP Reputation

And here's the Spam Feedback Loop page:

Gmail's Postmaster Tools - Spam Feedback Loop

From our testing so far, we haven't been able to see anything useful from these reports, but hopefully Gmail will be improving them over time.

How about you? If you have any advice or case studies on Gmail's Postmaster Tools, please share them below!


Kane Miller from Winning.Email

Kane has a background in computer engineering, but now focuses on creating new and interesting web services. His passion for improving his own email deliverability rates was the driving force behind the creation of Winning.Email.