If you do email marketing, own an online business, run a WordPress site, use cPanel, or for any other reason need to send emails from your server...you may have asked "How can I check my email delivery?" Well, I have some tips for ya.

Before you read further, I must emphasise that this article is meant for people who send emails from their own web or mail servers. If you're having issues with your Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo account, the information below won't be any help, unfortunately.

Here's some things you can do to check, and improve, your email delivery...

Do a free Winning Email Checkup

Simply head over to our Checkup page - https://winning.email/checkup - and enter your domain name to get started.

You'll then see the system go to work, checking a bunch of common email-delivery-related metrics.

Winning Email - Checkup - Results

If you see any problems listed below, you can then click the titles and you'll see detailed steps on how to fix the problem.

Winning Email - Checkup - SPF Instructions

By ensuring you have Reverse DNS, SPF, Sender ID, and DMARC setup properly, and that your domain or IP address is not on any email blacklists, this will all go a long way towards improving your email delivery.

Send Winning Email a test email

Winning Email - Let us test your emailsThe Checkup service mentioned above is great, it checks a whole bunch of things that could be effecting your email deliverability. But it can't check everything. Why's that? Because some email authentication methods (such as DKIM) can only be checked by looking at the header that is included with an email. So by sending us a test email, our system can perform these more-thorough checks.

  1. You'll have to first signup for a free Winning Email account.

  2. Then, on your My Account page, you'll notice a box on the right-hand side, talking about letting us test your emails.

  3. Follow the instructions to send us an email (this blog post may be helpful too), and then you should receive an auto-response from our email checkup service within minutes.

Winning Email - Domain Checkup Report

You should then read through the email, and any check that you don't see a "PASS" as the result, click on the "How to fix?" link for more information on how to resolve it.

More to come...

As we add more services to further check and improve your email delivery, I'll update this article to include them :)


Kane Miller from Winning.Email

Kane has a background in computer engineering, but now focuses on creating new and interesting web services. His passion for improving his own email deliverability rates was the driving force behind the creation of Winning.Email.