From running small businesses to large-scale startups, an entrepreneur such as yourself must always consider every possible angle available in order to get maximum traction in a tight schedule. And the coverage of marketing that the internet offers is just too good to pass up - we got social media, forums, Q&A sites, vlogs, and even webinars so you can just cover so much ground at the comfort of your home. All of these have a lot of potential towards getting customers, but the king has not changed ... email marketing!

How Email Booster can improve your email conversion rates

What better way to get more customers, referrals, and returning customers (talk about loyalty) than personalized marketing? Even the hottest trends of the past years - like Big Data Marketing and the introduction of Infographics… email marketing goes far beyond than just analyzing numbers and pretty pictures. No, no, no, you gotta go with the flow of what’s up with the world right now, what people want, how they want it, and let’s not forget (even I’m a sucker for it) entrepreneurs actually talking to their customers. Now hang on! I didn’t say it was going to be THAT easy.

Email marketing involves a lot of intricacies like what subject you should use, the approach of the message and how self-promotional you should be. But none of it matters if nobody even bothers to open your email, right? Well, you’d be lucky enough if your email newsletters actually landed in their inbox - since there’s been a lot of improvements on email filtering lately to popular services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Most of these improvements were meant to be for the good of the end user, though they often hurt marketers like us and make our job harder than it already is.

But … once you figure your way through this maze of uncertainty not only will you gain their trust, you’ll also have a higher probability of converting them into actual customers.

Email Booster

Email Booster is Winning Email’s latest tool that helps marketers improve their email deliverability and conversions. Being able to analyze your email subject is great… but Email Booster takes it to a whole new level. You can go as far as checking if there are any words that could potentially decide how your email fares with others. Email Booster will open up a multitude of marketing applications, though it is also tailored to your specific needs.

It also makes sure that your email body is top notch. It checks if there’s any bad code, and if there’s enough content in your email to not be flagged as Spam, and much more.

It doesn’t stop there though… Email Booster checks if all your hyperlinks are valid and scans your email with the best spam-prevention tool to date, SpamAssassin. It also ensures that your images are optimized, so they’ll load quickly for your subscribers (this helps click-through rates, because if your email loads quickly, there’s less of a chance that people will become impatient and skip over it). As you can see, there’s just so much Email Booster can do, and how much information it can provide to help you win your emails.

But not everyone can speak marketing, so I’ll give it to you straight. For the non-techies, Email Booster is able to give you the results on a silver platter and will instruct you step-by-step on how to improve your emails. If you’re more of a visual person, Email Booster will give you access to cool metrics such as charts and graphs. And from our testing, we’ve seen an increase of up to 340% in open-rates and 586% in click-through rates. How cool is that?


Chris Villanueva from Winning.Email

Chris is a student of the internet. He loves learning about new web technologies, and helping companies with their marketing efforts, whether it be content writing, social media management, or email marketing. His interest in email deliverability made him a great fit for the Winning Email team.