Optimize emails for mobile devicesNowadays email is being read more often on cell phones than laptops or desktops. This means it's more important than ever to optimize your emails to look good and be easy to read on mobile devices.

According to a recent US Consumer Device Preference Report, in Q4 2013, 65% of marketing emails were opened on a tablet or smartphone first. That's some pretty impressive numbers. Two out of three emails are first read on mobile devices. That means it's crucial to design emails specifically for mobile devices.

Another impressive statistic, is that email opens for mobile devices is still increasing year-over-year vs. desktops. From Jan 2013 to Dec 2013, email opens for mobile devices jumped from 43% to 51%, as reported by this Litmus blog post.

The 20 / 40 / 80 Rule

This rule was proposed on the Analytics Nerd site recently.

Basically it's a simple guideline to limit the number of characters in each part of your email, so that subscribers on mobile devices can read it quickly and easily.

  • Sender Name: 20 characters or less
  • Subject Line: 40 characters or less
  • Email Headline: 80 characters or less, or get the point across in the 1st 80 characters

So next time you're composing a newsletter to send to your list, make sure to try the 20/40/80 rule, and hopefully your open rates will improve!


Kane Miller from Winning.Email

Kane has a background in computer engineering, but now focuses on creating new and interesting web services. His passion for improving his own email deliverability rates was the driving force behind the creation of Winning.Email.