The year has started and you've probably already made your predictions for your company. What about email marketing? We’ve compiled a few of our own predictions and, from what we have seen, changes are a certainty.

Email marketing may seem traditional sometimes, but it can definitely surprise you with its ingenuity. And 2016 is proof that much innovation can come from this field.

Our 9 Email Marketing Predictions for 2016

Here’s our list of predictions for the year:

1 - Gmail won’t yet support media queries

Although marketers have already tried begging Google to allow this, we predict that Gmail won’t start supporting media queries. Not this year.

2 - No more emojis coloring your Gmail inbox

Google has decided that subject lines will no longer be able to carry emojis. This stems from the fact that many spammers are using it as well as it not providing a very good visual experience.

3 - The desktop version of Outlook's market share will drop to 5%

In November 2015 we saw it fall to 7%. And now all indications point to that percentage getting lower. The main reason for this is the trend of businesses moving away from desktop apps towards more scalable cloud services.

4 - A new big acquisition is coming

After Endurance International Group's acquisition of Constant Contact in 2015, IBM’s of Silverpop and Adobe’s of Neolane, we've seen that billions can commonly be at stake. And 2016 won’t be any different. We predict that another email service provider will be bought.

5 - Apple’s new toy will be a Siri-infused headset

With the integration between the iPhone and Apple Watch, allowing the user to operate his or her phone without touching it has become a popular feature. And to help with that, Apple is designing a headset that will assist with reading e-mails out loud as well as dictating texts. This will increase the importance of plain text and HTML versions of emails. Along with Siri’s sweet voice, of course ;)

6 - Email marketing will be a THING again

Many people might think that email is dead, but some are getting back to it and realizing that it is a promising and rewarding career. Yes, I said "career". Email marketing jobs will be in higher demand.

7 - People will shop via email more than ever

Email has a big interactive experience – and big brands will start taking advantage of that. And interactivity will take on an actual menu form. From your inbox you will be able to choose products and their colors or sizes. No need to open a new window, except for checkout. Boom.

8 - A new rendering engine for Outlook will be introduced

Outlook started 2015 with the launch of Outlook for iOS and Android. And the rendering engine for has been changed to the Outlook Web App powered by Office 365. From what we’ve seen, Outlook has been innovating a lot and perhaps it’s still trying to figure out which path to follow. In that context, a new rendering engine is a promising expectation.

9 - Email will remain ALIVE

Yup. The media and the hipsters who are addicted to Slack might say the opposite, but no, e-mail won’t die. Everyone has an email account and almost everyone checks his or her inbox frequently. So you might say that social networks will kill email marketing, but never forget: there is no social network without email.

From running small businesses to large-scale startups, an entrepreneur such as yourself must always consider every angle in order to get maximum traction in a tight schedule. And the breadth of marketing that the internet offers is impressive - we've got social media, forums, Q&A sites, vlogs, and even webinars ... so you can cover so much ground from the comfort of your home. All of these have a lot of potential towards getting customers, but the king has still not been dethroned ... email marketing!


Debora Vilarinhos from Winning.Email

Engineering student, Brazilian, muay thai amateur fighter, Coldplay fan and lettering artist. Debora is an email marketing lover and potential workaholic. She likes learning new things and dreams about empowering new and promising ideas.