How can I check my email delivery?

  Jun 6, 2014 Email Delivery

If you do email marketing, own an online business, run a WordPress site, use cPanel, or for any other reason need to send emails from your may have asked "How can I check my email delivery?" Well, I have some tips for ya.

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Gmail's new Promotions tab 'Grid View'

  Jun 2, 2014 Email Services

Gmail's "Promotions" tab

This tab in Gmail has been around for months now. It was reportedly added by Google in an effort to save people time, and reduce the amount of promotional, yet not-quite-spam, emails that we're all forced to see on a daily basis.

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Why you should use a Message Transfer Agent (MTA)

  May 25, 2014 Email Delivery

What is a "Message Transfer Agent (MTA)"?

A MTA (also known as Mail Transfer Agent or Mail Relay) is software that sends emails from one a server. It can both send and receive email messages. MTAs have complex configuration options, allowing a server administrator to customize nearly every aspect of email delivery.

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The Risk of Spamtraps

  May 15, 2014 Email Delivery


What is a "Spamtrap"?

A spamtrap is an email address created specifically to lure spam. The spamtrap email address is typically hidden from human view in such a way that only an automated email harvester (used by spammers) can find it. It's then assumed that any emails sent to this address are considered spam.

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Gmail's new Feedback Loop and Unsubscribe Link

  Apr 16, 2014 Email Services

New Unsubscribe Link

Last month Gmail introduced a new "Unsubscribe" link at the top of emails in your inbox. The purpose of this is to make it easier for people to unsubscribe from mailing lists they're on, without searching in the email footer for the link. The more easily people can unsubscribe, the less likely they are to click the "Spam" button, which hurts your sender score.

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