What if there was an easy way to improve your email open-rates?

And at the same time, your click-through rates increased too?

$19 / mo

First you decide what source of emails you want boosted:

Old-school Plain-Text and HTML code
Send a Test Email


Then Email Booster will:

  • Analyze your email Subject and tell you how to improve it. It even checks against a massive database of words that can either help or hurt your conversions.
  • Make sure your email Body is up-to-snuff:
    • No bad code
    • Enough content to not be flagged as Spam
    • Contains a mailing address (also less likely to be Spam)
  • Check that your hyperlinks are valid.
  • Scan your email with SpamAssassin (the best spam-prevention tool out there).
  • Ensure your images are as optimized as possible and contain proper descriptors (in case they can't be loaded in an email client).
  • And more...

I'm confused by this stuff ... Tell it to me straight!

Ok, for the non-techies, we even give you the results simplified, and will tell you step-by-step what you can do to make improvements to your emails.

If you're more of a visual person, we've got you covered with neat-o stuff like charts and graphs and fancy icons that represent each area of your email that needs improvement.

Winning Email - Email Booster - Overview results

Sample results summary

What results can I expect?

Here's some of the results we've seen during our testing:

Before using Email Booster
Email Booster - Open Rate - Before
Email Booster - Click Rate - Before
After using Email Booster
Email Booster - Open Rate - After
Email Booster - Click Rate - After

(the 2nd campaign went to a subset of our list, like a split-test)

If numbers aren’t your thing, what we saw here was a whopping 340% open-rate increase and a 586% click-through rate increase.

$19 / mo