Who is Winning Email for?

Winning Email is for anyone who owns a website and sends emails from their own server. Whether it be hosted on a shared server, a VPS, dedicated box, or cloud hosting, we can help you discover and fix any issues that are impacting your email deliverability.

Here's some example scenarios where Winning Email can help:

  • You run a WordPress site for your business and have a contact page where customers can email you

  • You use cPanel to manage your hosting account and use its built-in email server functionality for emails

  • You host your own mail server using 3rd party software like Interspire or Active Campaign

How is Winning Email different than its competitors?

Truth be told, we haven't found another service that offers as many email delivery tools and advice as we do, for free. Some of our competitors (that we've even used ourselves prior to creating Winning Email), charge $500+ per month for less features. We really want to help as many people as we can improve their email delivery rates, which is why we offer so much for so little.

How can I get started?

Easy, just head over to our Signup page.