Feedback Loops

Let's get right into it. Here's how a feedback loop works:

  1. You send a newsletter to your list
  2. One of your subscribers doesn't like it, and clicks the "Spam" button in their Yahoo email client
  3. You get a notification from Yahoo (this step is the key to FBLs)
  4. You unsubscribe this person from your list, so they never receive another email and never have the opportunity to click "Spam" again

Every time someone clicks the "Spam" button on one of your emails, your sender score (reputation) can be damaged. So it's crucial to reduce the complaint rates as much as possible, and feedback loops are one very effective way to do this.

Email Feedback Loop

How Do I Set Them Up?

Unfortunately setting up feedback loops is a time consuming process. You have to sign up at each ISP or email provider, prove that you own your domain, and designate a special email account to receive the FBL notifications.

Here's a list that contains links to most of the signup pages:

But sadly that Port 25 is a bit outdated.

Use these new links for the 3 biggies:

Google (Gmail): and


Microsoft (Hotmail):

Dang, This Stuff is Overwhelming!

If you're having trouble understanding or setting up feedback loops for your domain, we can help! Check out our consulting service.