What is SpamAssassin?

SpamAssassin is an open-source project managed by Apache, aimed at reducing spam. Basically, it assigns a score to an incoming email based on numerous factors. If the score is high enough, the email is considered to be spam.

Among other things, SpamAssassin checks DKIM and SPF. But it also uses a neural network to check the content of the email to see if certain phrases or words are used that are typically found in spam emails. Pretty fancy stuff!

How does Winning Email use it?

When you send us a test email (read how to do this on your My Account page), we process it with SpamAssassin and give you the results.

Here's some sample results, notice that the score is 0, so this email "passed". Remember that low scores are better :)


What if my email fails SpamAssassin?

The email report should give you details about why it failed, and then you can head over to the SpamAssassin FAQ to get further help.